From the recording Storyline

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<b>VS 1<br />
</b>It was not Hell, It was not death<br />
It was not fate, That took His breath<br />
No cross of wood, or nail pierced hands<br />
Could ever hold, The Great I AM<br />
<br />
<b>Chorus<br />
</b>It was His Love-    For me<br />
That held Him to- Calvary<br />
Amazing grace came through<br />
Jesus stayed for me and you<br />
No gates of hell, no rusty nails<br />
could ever hold my Lord<br />
To the cross, for the lost<br />
It was his love<br />
<br />
<b>VS 2<br />
</b>It was not grief, it was not pain<br />
It was not pride, it was not shame<br />
Heaven's angels- were never called<br />
He held the cross- He gave it all<br />
<b>Chorus<br />
</b><br />
<b>Bridge<br />
</b>Nothing now can hold that old love story<br />
With His dying breath He set me free<br />
Chains that held the world away from glory<br />
Jesus broke them all by loving me<br />
<br />